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A visit to Isolabona  is a step back in time, a time when there was a close connection to the soil. The labyrinthine medieval passages delight the sense of exploration, and the courtyards splashed in sunlight, the joyful feeling of discovery. Eggs from the local free range chickens. Liguria is known for its excellent quality olives, local food stores & grocery stores in the village. Isolabona known as the town of Oil.  It is usual to find the connection between bars and restaurants  and their very own Olive trees serving their own Olive Oil. In the shops buy the best award winning local Oil.  Several varieties of pastries and cakes, both sweet and savoury, or vegetables directly from local gardens of the village. Post office, chemist, butcher, seamstress & hairdresser. The two grocery stores are superb, to call them delicatessen makes them seem contrived and sound French. This is the best of Italy. The gourmet's treasure trove. In mushroom season watch the local cognoscenti disappear into the woods with their large wicker baskets. Be sure to book a table in the village that night. 

House On The Brooks / Casa Isolabona
House On The BrooksPulborough, West SussexRH20 1LBGB
Phone: 01798873796 Website: